Unlock Peace of Mind

Unlock Peace
of Mind

Streamline hiring with advanced background verification solutions to safeguard your brand’s integrity and protect against fraudulent activities.

FOR Faster & seamless user experience!
Conduct 0 % faster background

checks with Protoverify

Conduct 0 % faster

background checks with Protoverify

Our background verification platform revolutionizes verification speed through advanced automation and a user-friendly UI. This expedites the process, ensuring swift results for efficient hiring.
Fast, reliable, and seamless!

BGV Key Checks for Comprehensive Screening

Building Confidence through
Comprehensive Background Screening

Background verification is vital for assessing the trustworthiness of individuals or entities like prospective employees, tenants, vendors, and business partners. It involves multiple checks to validate personal, educational, professional, and criminal history. These checks enable informed decisions, risk reduction, and a safer operational environment.

Elevating Candidate Experience

Enhanced Hiring Journey:
Prioritizing Candidates

Enhanced Candidate experience with a dedicated mobile application. Now, candidates can easily submit background check information anytime, anywhere, using their smartphones. Streamline the process and prioritize convenience for candidates with our efficient mobile platform.


Hyper-manage operations
with rich analytics

You can make informed decisions with agility using Protoverify’s advanced analytics tools. Derive actionable insights, create custom reports and dashboards, and measure operations in real time to drive growth in a sustainable manner.


Customize, upscale, and deploy with ease

Manage Protoverify BGV platform from the bottom up without breaking a sweat. Wield a dedicated admin panel, state-of-the-art customization, and a powerful developer platform to extend what Protoverify BGV platform can do.

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India is 4th worldwide in bad hires*,
One bad hire cost companies/employers an average of over INR 20 lakhs**.
Safeguard your finances! Opt for Protoverify's smarter BGV.