Worn out by traditional, slow background checks impacting your recruitment flow? Enter Protoverify – your seamless background check companion. Our advanced platform and holistic services are designed to fast-track talent acquisition, addressing the need for speed and reliability.”

industry-Leading Expertise

ISO-certified excellence in comprehensive candidate background checks.

Data Security at Its Best

GDPR-compliant, safeguarding sensitive information.

Cutting-Edge Technology

AWS-powered platform for unmatched speed and reliability.

Seamless Communication

Real-time updates via integrated WhatsApp channel.

Accessibility on the Go

Manage verifications anywhere with our mobile apps.

Turbocharged Verification

35% faster checks for swift decisions.

Strengthened Relationships

CRM keeps you informed and connected.

verification types

Over 12+ verification types tailored to you.

Tailored to You

Customize workflows to match your needs.

Intuitive Interface

User-friendly software without complexity.

Candidate-Centric Approach

Dedicated app for transparent updates.

Nationwide Network

PAN India coverage for every candidate.

Why choose Protoverify BGV Platform?

Don’t settle for outdated, reactive verification processes. Choose Protoverify’s BGV Platform and embark on a journey of predictive and proactive customer engagement. Revolutionize your approach to background verifications and experience the future of secure, accurate, and efficient verification solutions.

Powerful Collaborations:
Elevating BGV Excellence

Strategic alliances, including ISO certification, amplify our BGV company’s success, driving data precision, security, and worldwide accessibility. Unleash unparalleled verification capabilities through innovative collaborations.

Curiosity Unveiled: Your FAQs Answered

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India is 4th worldwide in bad hires*,
One bad hire cost companies/employers an average of over INR 20 lakhs**.
Safeguard your finances! Opt for Protoverify's smarter BGV.